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I am here to make a difference

Have you have been caught off-guard, initiated it or just contemplating divorce?

Together we will develop a coherent strategy and a plan of action and I will show you how to collect and present your submissions to your best advantage.


Contemplating divorce

If you are contemplating divorce or separation, it is time to consult me to get expert advice.

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Negotiating divorce

Whether your divorce is going amicably or not, negotiating a fair settlement is a challenge.

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Looking for a fresh start

Whatever the outcome was, now that you are free, starting a new life is not always easy.

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A company’s most valuable asset is its employees. Making sure your ressources do not feel the burden of a divorce is crucial.

Avoid long employee’s absences
Increase your employee’s productivity through rough times
Delegate administrative tasks
Provide the right support to your valuable ressources

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Very few like to speak about divorce in public, but everyone is interested to know how to best handle a divorce, especially when tips & tricks are provided. As an international speaker, I speak about:

Divorce, what’s the true story being mariage
Tips & tricks for a successful divorce
Win-win situations are possible
Better to anticipate than nothing

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